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My Cruise Website

Get a beautifully designed website to use and enjoy before, during, and after your cruise.
Upload (with our help) all your cruise information, before, during and after the cruise, to share with your cruise mates, as well as your family and friends back home.

It all started in early March 2024, when I had a fun consultation session with a lovely couple who was organizing a cruise for 16 family members. We spent almost two hours navigating through several destinations, cruise lines and cruise ships, and as we narrowed it down to 2 options from which the group will choose, they made a comment, wondering, once they made the final decision, how will they be able to share all the info with everyone.

As a former Onboard Future Cruise Sales Director, I booked 100's of Family and Group cruises, and one of the most common problems we encounter when planning for an upcoming group cruise/travel is how to share important information with everyone. With so many communication channels available, it can be hard to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Some members of the group might not use Facebook or Messenger or Instagram, or WhatsApp, or read emails daily, while others might not like long phone or video calls. 

That comment made by my clients stayed with me for the next few hours, until a "lightbulb went off in my head", as I realized that I might found a solution. You see, aside from being a 30+ years Cruise Veteran, I am also a website creator, designer and manager, who have designed and co-designed almost 100 websites in the past 12+ years (including designing my own). 

To solve this dilemma, I am excited to introduce "My Cruise Website", a new service offering cruise enthusiasts a beautifully designed website, to use, enjoy and share before, during, and after their cruise.

A website is an effective online platform to share all the crucial details, such as the itinerary, the flights, the ship, the onboard program, the ports of calls, the available shore excursions, and more. And, while we have this visual platform, let’s make sure to include fun updates and memorable photos and videos throughout the cruise, to keep everyone in the group and back at home, in the loop. 

As a 30+ years cruise veteran and a former Onboard Future Cruises Sales Manager, I completely understand the importance of keeping everyone connected and informed, and I am committed, excited, and convinced that “My Cruise Website” is a solution that works for everyone. 

I am excited to offer this service to my cruise enthusiasts clients, and looking forward to helping you make your cruise experience even more memorable.


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